Doubter's Prayer Book: Cindy Morgan

Every Sunday, we will look at a poem, painting, comic, song, short video, performance piece, dance, or other art form that in some way wrestles with the divine in an honest and heartfelt way. This is an exercise in contemplation and a celebration of the beauty that comes from struggle. As such, the art will be left to speak for itself and does not necessarily represent the views of the blog's editor. If you would like to suggest a piece of art or have an original piece you would like to share, send it to

This Week's Artist: Cindy Morgan

Song: Can You Hear Me

Context: The Loving Kind is a 1998 concept album retelling the eight days surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus. Can You Hear Me imagines Jesus' anguish and doubt while in the Garden of Gethsemane, his impatience with his sleeping followers, as well as a response from God. The song reminds us that the Gethsemane narrative is perhaps the most relatable human element of the entire Passion story.


Hey can You hear Me 
Are You really out there 
Oh I am trapped in the cages 
Of the scars I must bear 
And I can't tell and I can't speak 
I can't even repeat what it is 

Hey can You see Me 
See these hollowing eyes 
Don't You think something is missing 
In My calm peaceful smile 
But I can't tell and I can't speak 
I can't even repeat what is 

Can You hear Me 
Hear the sound of My pain 
Can You hear Me 
Hear the words I don't say 

Hey what's your problem 
Can't you hear what I said 
I am here drowning in sorrow 
While you sleep on your beds 
And I can't tell and I can't speak 
I can't even repeat what it is, oh 


I get down on My knees 
And I cry to You 
Oh Lord give me all Your strength 
Help Me make it through 
I reach out to You 

Oh can You hear Me
Hear Me, yeah 

"Hey can You hear Me"
Someone whispered to Me 
"I understand all Your hurting 
How You ache how You bleed

But the scars that You bear 
Will one day make the whole world free 
Satan is a liar down in the mire 
But I can hear You

I hear the sound of Your pain 
I can hear You oh yeah 
I hear the words You don't say 
I can hear You, hear You 
I can hear You
Can You hear Me? 
Can You hear Me?'


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