I am on a long, strange trip and I can't do it without you.

Here are a few ways how you can help out:

This is my main and only consistent source of income. The more I raise on here the more I will be able to focus on researching, writing, and exploring the American religious landscape. 
Plus, there is exclusive content just for patrons that starts at only $2 a month. Pretty sweet deal.

For those that can't commit to a monthly donation or just want to occasionally throw me a few extra bucks. If you would like to give money for a specific thing (coffee, car maintenance, etc) or would like for me to go to and write about a specific experience (psychic reading, tantric meditation, Disneyland, etc) then please just specify when you give.  
As a way to say thanks, I will write a personalized story, essay, or poem for any donation over $20. 

Let me Crash with you
Have a couch, guest room, spare bit of carpet? I'll take it! I am quiet, clean, and housebroken. And I'd love to hear your story and live life with you for a little bit. 
If you'd like to open your home to me, just email me at and let me know 1. what part of the world you live 2. how long you would like me to stay and we will go from there. 

Like, Share, and Spread the Word
Word of mouth is my only form of marketing. If you are enjoying the stuff I am writing, share it on your page, tell a friend or two, and while you are it, drop me a line at or on Facebook and tell me what you're thinking about everything. I really love hearing from you. And if I am in your area, let's get together in person and enjoy a beverage or something. I want to hear your story. 

Thank you all for your thoughts, encouragement, and support. I literally could not do this without you. I remain eternally grateful. 


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