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Spread the Love: Talk me up and share my stuff around. I am personally shy and horrible at self-promotion. Your word of mouth helps tremendously. It's also real nice to hear when I write something that speaks to you, so please let me know!

Lend Me Your Skills: Feel like helping me re-do this website? Know some good business and marketing type skills? Have experience selling photography or freelance writing and feel like helping out a rookie? I could desperately use your talent and insight.

Throw a Few Coins in the Hat: This blog is totally super free, but it does take a lot of time and effort to research and write. If you enjoy the content and want more of it, I'd sure appreciate your support. You can donate here. 

Thank you for everything, dear friends.


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  6. I appreciate you putting yourself out there Ryan, and sharing with the world your unique knowledge and perspectives. I’ll always be your fanboy.


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