Ryan Connell has been born again a thousand times.

A home-schooled pastor's kid, a teenage preacher, a fully on fire sold out radical certified Jesus freak.

Then head first into the world of doubt. Exploring Atheism and world religions. Obsessing over church history and philosophy of religion and the whole of Christian culture. 

And now a travel photographer, poet, and existentialist mystic. A Secular Humanist Monk. A seeker of Truth, a lover of questions. Not horrible at Pinball.

He and his work have appeared in Vice, CBS Evening News, and several other podcasts and publications. 
He would love to be on your podcast or speak to your college church group, your Satanist slumber party, your Atheist book club, Your Communist ice cream social, or whatever else you have in mind.
He would also love to hear your story and explore your questions and exchange jokes and puns. Or just talk about God or whatever.

Social Media
He is on Facebook (because he's old)

He posts his travel photos on Instagram (he's learning how to hashtag)

He isn't on Twitter for mental health reasons, but if you are on there, he'd sure love it if you share him around and talk him up sometimes. 

For any inquiries, invitations, insults or incitements, write to him at theholyapostate@gmail.com


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