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A Letter to the Broken: A Meditation Inspired by Contemporary Christian Artist Ray Boltz

"Have I crucified you, Jesus, with my sin?"—Ray Boltz
Last night I had another one of those dreams where I am a youth pastor. It is probably one of the most frequent recurring dreams I have. It’s been a frequent night-time visitor since I left ministry some 15 years ago. The dream is always just me on the stage of some church, preaching a sermon. For years, the dream sermon would be along the lines of what I used to preach, but more and more these oral missives are a reflection of what I am coming to believe about God and spirituality. Beliefs that most American Evangelicals would condemn as outright heresy.

Last night’s dream sermon consisted of me talking about my childhood and how one of my absolute favorite music albums of the time was Moments for the Heartby Ray Boltz (I was not a cool kid, even by church standards). I remember riding in the backseat of my parent’s car on long road trips with that CD playing on repeat inside my super-cool skip-resistant discman. Outside of…

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