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Here You Will Do Well to Tarry: Why We (Haven't) Started a Cult

"All great spirituality is about what we do with our pain." —Richard Rohr
I have been thinking a lot about monasteries and monks this last year.
I suppose it started as I was traveling the country visiting churches and spiritual communities and the various forms those things can take. But it has also sprouted up in just about every conversation I've had.
Perhaps even when I gave myself the tongue-in-cheek title of Nomadic Secular Humanist Monk, I was already pondering what exactly such a title means and how one could best go about living that as a vocation.
There are several things I like about monasteries and monks. I like the idea of people forsaking the societal norms of the time, marriage and family, social status, and “career” to instead dedicate themselves to scholarly work, spiritual inquiry, and service to the greater world.
I like the idea of being alone together. The monastery as a support community for individual seekers and scholars. I like the idea of how for ce…

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