Doubter's Prayer Book: In Stitches

Every Sunday, we will look at a poem, painting, comic, song, short video, performance piece, dance, or other art form that in some way wrestles with the divine in an honest and heartfelt way. This is an exercise in contemplation and a celebration of the beauty that comes from struggle. As such, the art will be left to speak for itself. If you have an original piece that you would like to share or would like to suggest someone else's art, please let me know at

This Week's Artist: David Bazan

Song: In Stitches

My body bangs and twitches
Some brown liquor whets my tongue
My fingers find the stitches
Firmly back and forth they run

I need no other memory
of the bits of me I left
When all this lethal drinking
is to hopefully forget about you

I might as well admit it
Like I even have a choice
the crew have killed the captain
but they still can hear his voice

A Shadow on the water
A whisper in the wind

On long walks with my daughter
Who is lately full of questions about you

When Job asked you the question
You responded, "Who are you
to challenge your creator?"
Well, if that one part is true
It makes you sound defensive

Like you had not thought it through
Enough to have an answer
Like you might have bit off
More than you can chew


  1. During a q & a moment at a David Bazan show when I was still a professing Christian, I called out asking, "What are your thoughts on Job?" Dave responded, "You mean the fictional character in the bible?" and didn't answer the question. I wanted to say, "No, the Job you sing about in your song!" but I was too embarassed. Though unaware at the time, I was on the brink of witnessing my faith come apart at the seams, and Curse Your Branches was the seam ripper fraying a couple of integral stitches, and the pressure of things culminating through years - questions, doubts, experiences - that I had not accounted for did the rest.

    That's my story, for now. Look forward to continuing this conversation started so long ago. Last time you maintained this blog, I was a professing Christian. Strange to be on the other side of the mirror.

    1. Welcome to the other side! It really is much nicer over here.


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